Rawlings Baseball Bat For the Win and Discount Demarini Baseball Bats for a Home Run

You may know that Rawlings has something to do with baseball, but did you know they had such great bats? That’s right – Rawlings baseball bats are some of the best.

Available in three sizes – mini, junior, and adult – they’ve been making bats for a long time, and they know what it takes to create a bat that helps you on the field.

With their rich history comes a lot of experience in knowing what’s going to be popular and what might not be so popular. They’ve used this to really shoot ahead in the sporting goods industry over the years.

Are you looking for Rawlings Rush or Plasma bats? Not a problem. Looking for the big wood bats or maybe aluminum bats? Rawlings has you covered.

They even have great youth bats and little league bats. In fact, you could almost say there’s a Rawlings baseball bat for every occasion. And they’re not that expensive either, especially when you take into consideration the quality they offer.

Whatever type of Rawlings bat you’re seeking, you can rest assured you’re getting one that’s going to help you with the win. That’s right, there’s a great chance you’re not going to be able to use other bats after using one of these.

Okay, so maybe that’s a little too much praise, but Rawlings baseball bats are where it’s at if you’re into the sport.

They have all the bats you want and the bats you don’t even know you want yet. They’re that good. When it comes to baseball, they know what they’re doing and it shows.

Discount Demarini Baseball Bats for a Home Run

Do you dream of hitting a home run out of the ballpark? With a Demarini bat and drive and dedication, it’s possible. You may be thinking that you can’t afford one, there are many discount Demarini baseball bats available online.

That’s right, you can afford one of these great bats. With a variety of styles available – wood baseball bats and aluminum baseball bats – they’re sure to have something that fits your style and preference.

There are a lot of bats out there, but Demarini baseball bats are favored by players all over. Are you ready to change your game?

As mentioned, price shouldn’t be an option with so many discount Demarini baseball bats available online. If you take a quick look around, you’ll see many great deals on these baseball bats.

Whether you’re new to baseball or have been playing your whole life, you know how important having a good bat is – especially if you want to make those home runs.

Choosing a Demarini baseball bat is a great idea for many reasons – the least of which being that you can find them at discounted prices online. Just because you’re paying a little less doesn’t mean you won’t be getting the same super quality.

With different styles available, Demarini is sure to have a baseball bat to fit you. And with the discounted prices, you may be able to pick up an extra one. If you’re ready to improve your baseball or softball game, Demarini baseball bats can help.

Are Aluminum or Composite Fastpitch Softball Bat Better

These days in fastpitch softball, pretty much all softball bats are made from either aluminum metal or composite materials. Due to restrictions imposed by leagues, the performances of metal and composite bats are pretty equal.

Essentially, the technology improved to the point that players could get hurt because the batted ball speed was too hot for fielders to handle.

Nowadays, composite bats are probably the most common on the field. However, the metal bats still have their place at the softball fields.

Deciding which type is best for you will come down to evaluating the pros and cons of each type of softball bat to determine which one best fits your needs. Let’s look at them a little more closely.

Composite Bats

Let’s start with the composite bats since they are the more popular choice these days. Composite softball bats are made with graphite and carbon which are constructed in layers and then held firmly together with strong resins.


Composite bats tend to improve over time with usage. Composite bats perform the same in cold weather as they do in warmer weather which great for players in cooler regions.


Composite bats generally cost more than aluminum bats because of manufacturing cost.

Composite bats can crack when playing in very cold weather (although the performance of the composite bat tends to remain the same*).

Composite bats require a break-in period.

  • Note: Players will note that in colder weather the composite bats tend to not perform as well as warm weather although this is more likely the fact that a softball does not travel as easily through colder dense air as it can in warmer less dense air. It is the air itself that is impacting the flight of the ball, not necessarily the bat performance.

Metal Bats

Metal bats are usually made with aluminum or metal alloys. Typically metal bats are either single-wall or double-walled. The double-walled bats are intended to perform better than the single-wall bats when the batter hits a ball hard enough to flex both walls of the bat for maximum reflex or pop off the bat.

Metal bats are either continuous metal or are two-piece bats, wherein the barrel and handle are formed separately but connected. The two-piece bats are intended to provide some minor additional whip in the batting motion as the bat connects with the ball and flexes at the joint instantaneously and then spring back to provide more pop. In true play, there may not be a noticeable difference in the two-piece bats.

Metal bats can also come as a hybrid two-piece bat, where the barrel is metal and the handle is composite. Again, the theory is for more pop or different reasons like vibration reduction.


Metal bats require no break-in time and perform well right out of the wrapper. Metal bats are often less expensive than the more popular composite bats.


The performance of a metal bat tends to drop over time/usage.
Metal bats do not perform as well in cold weather when compared to use in warm weather. Metal bats tend to dent and deform easily when used in cold weather.

Little League Bats?

Demarini bat for little league home run or base hit? So, what bat do you think is the best? I have read a lot info out there. I understand that scientifically speaking, the composite bats will outperform the metal bats. Well, my son have swung many different types of little league bats (composite and metal, end-loaded and balanced), because he joined a lot of major leagues of baseball and he always seem to go back to Demarini bats.

They are one of top rated usa bats for little league and the longest-standing performance bats that have been on the market. Ray DeMarini’s motto was, “Insane dedication to performance!” The first time he hit with a Demarini bat, he had to agree.

I have always generated good bat speed with the balanced feel of Demarini double wall bats and man, when you get that second wall to flex, you will know it! The ball feels like it “mushes” and just screams off the bat.

Here’s where to find Demarini Bats

Let me be honest, my son is not a big guy and he is not the team’s home run hitter, but every time he have hit a home run, a Demarini bat was in my hands.

I will not bad mouth any bats, you have to use what works for you. I am just a fan of Demarini bats, even after Wilson bought them subsequent to Ray Demarini’s unfortunate passing.

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The 2 Baseball Hitting Tips and Tricks

Have you ever wanted to hit the ball a little further for your baseball team? Maybe you want to be the guy who hits line drives like they were a laser beam. Or, maybe you hit with warning track power and want just a little more to put one over the fence. Well, you have come to the right place to get some of the small tips and tricks which can make you hit the ball a little harder, a little farther and increase your bat speed.

Baseball hitting

We all know that working out and building some strength will help you hit a baseball better, but if you can employ some of these tips and tricks from our list, you might just add that extra bit to your hits that will help your baseball team win games and make you feel good about your night on the baseball field. We have put together a pretty comprehensive list of tips and tricks for hitting, from generating more hip rotation all the way down to making sure your shoulders rotate for maximum bat speed and power along with using the right BBCOR bats. Check out our list of tips below and see if you can find one that will help you.

Tip No. 1 Hip Rotation

In baseball, power hitting has to come from your hips. Have you ever noticed the major league pitchers and how much hip rotation they generate to throw those 100 mph fastballs?

Well, shouldn’t you do the same in baseball to generate 100 mph bat speed? It is baseball, so you have a great deal of time to wind up and watch a pitch come in before swinging your bat. Take advantage of that and work to get your hips rotating as you swing at the baseball.


Move on to Step 1 to learn more about how to generate hip rotation

Tip No. 2 Release Top Hand

This next tip for baseball hitting has to do with the follow through of your bat swing. As your bat swings through the strike zone and just after connecting with the baseball, you should release your top hand off the bat.

If you are a right-handed batter, your right hand will release as you end your swing. The bat will continue through the swing motion and follow through swing, but you will only be using your left to hang on to the bat as your torso rotates as far through the swing as comfortable.

Remember Red Sox, Patience is a Virtue

So we are officially over the fifty game mark for the Red Sox and the outcome isn’t what some people would call “spectacular.”


I remember it was just three months ago when every article that I read asked for the Red Sox to stop the roller coaster that has been their seasons in ’12, ’13, and ’14. In my opinion, they have done that to the best of their abilities. I see this Red Sox team and I’m excited for the future. Ben Cherrington is in a position where he should be saying “You’re Welcome” and not “I’m Sorry.”

The Red Sox ink a slew of young, hard-working talent and every analyst and fan wants to jump on the bandwagon and say they need to change something? Who says that the goal is to win right now? We stocked our prospect pool so that the far future is secure, and the people we have in place are build for the near future. Other than Big Papi, this team isn’t built for right now.

Rick Porcello, Justin Masterson, Joe Kelly, Pablo Sandoval, Hanley Ramirez, Blake Swihart, Mookie Betts, Rusney Castillo, Wade Miley, and Eduardo Rodriguez. These players make up more than half of a batting order, five spots of a six-man rotation, and five new pairs of cleats on the grass. Did every Boston fan just decide that they were going to come in and gel immediately? Who are they to say that?

Give Hanley some time to figure out left field.

Give Pablo some time to warm up to playing in the American League.

Give Mookie a chance to show that he can heat up.

Give Swihart the time to show that there is a reason that he is the team’s top prospect.

Give Rick Porcello time to warm up to his new family and new life in Boston.

Give poor Joe Kelly one damn second to figure out his fastball (he’s only 26 years old for god’s sake).

Give Justin Masterson some time to recover from an injury.

Bottom line, give this team some time. They deserve it.